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Kaal sarp dosh: By its name a person come to know what it is! It is actually a Sanskrit word, the meaning of kaal is time and sarp is snake. Thus one comes to know that it is something very dangerous. If a person have kaal sarp dosh in its kundali, it means all the seven planets: sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn turn-up between rahu and ketu. As there are 12 houses in our natal chart, there is 12 kinds of kaal sarp dosh: Anant kaal sarp dosh, kulik kaal sarp dosh, vasuki kaal sarp dosh, shankphal kaal dosh, padan kaal sarp dosh, mahapadam kaal sarp dosh, takshak kaal sarp dosh, karkotak kaal sarp dosh, shankhnaad kaal sarp dosh, Ghatak kaal sarp dosh, vishdhar kaal sarp dosh, shashnaag kaal sarp dosh all these dosh have differen effects on the life of a person.

Kaal sarp dosh by specialist astrologer

Kaal sarp dosh have adverse effect on the life of a person. There are many problems those are cause by this dosh. A person has to do lot of struggle in their life. Below are some of the problems that a person has to face:

  • Struggle in career and business
  • Childless or child birth problems
  • Health related issues
  • Love problems
  • Delay in the marriage
  • Worsening relationships with the family members
  • Chances of accidents
  • Finances getting down
  • And many more problems
  • All the above mentioned problems can solve if a person consult Ravi Shandilya at right time. Nobody knows that they are going through kaal sarp dosh. But if they take the help of astrologer then they can get rid from kaal sarp dosh. By chanting mahamrityunjaya mantra, wearing snake shaped ring, worshiping specific god, make offering suggested by Ravi Shandilya can help you to get rid from kaal sarp dosh.

Client Testimonials
  • woman
    I am facing many problems in my life and there was no one with whom i can share my problems. I was unable to find any solution. Daily i met with new problem then someone told me about Pandit Ravi Shandilya. I called him and fix a meeting with him and share my all problems with him. He gave me some remedies to get rid from problems and these remedies worked. Now i am very happy because of pandit ji.

    - Raman

  • woman
    From last few months i was looking for job. But unluckily i did not get the job. I tried in many companies. One day i met with my old friend he told me about pandit ji and asked me to go and take help from pandit ji. Then i met with pandit ji and discuss my problem. He gave me the some upaye to do which i did. After few days i got the job. Now i am earning good. Thanks to pandit ji.

    - Deep

  • woman
    I am a married girl. After 5 months of my marriage i noticed my husband behaviour changed. He was ignoring me continuously because he was attracting with someone else. I did not know what to do. So i decided to take help from pandit ji. He gave me the some mantra's so that i do the vashikaran on my husband. I did what he said. Now my husband love me so much.

    - Rajni

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